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Steph Jane Film – A Portrait Story

Official Selection of the 2019

Calgary International Film Festival


Dave Cheung

p: +1-403-389-6885




After a second diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, ceramic artist Steph Jane, age 28, shares the complexity and clarity it brings to her life.


In this intimate conversation, Steph Jane, age 28, shares the struggles and lessons her second diagnosis of stage-4 cancer has taught her. Through personal stories and shared wisdom, laugh, cry, smile and be inspired to be more present and intentional in all you do.

“While there is a lot of hardship and … negative emotion, it’s also been one of the biggest blessings in my life.”

~ Steph Jane

Director’s Statement

Dave Cheung

Sitting down with Steph Jane was humbling, and as a director, my biggest fear was getting in her way.  She is so gentle-spirited and well-spoken; my sole goal was to let her lead the conversation and pace so she could be seen and heard in her voice. 

All of us know or will know people dear to us who are living with cancer. My hope is Steph Jane’s vulnerability, strength and wisdom can help all of us be more present, passionate and loving on this journey we call life. 

Interesting Facts

  • cameras used include an iPhone X, Nikon DSLR, and Sony mirrorless camera
  • this documentary was shot in one day in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • two locations include Dave & Quin’s basement studio (interview and portraits), and Workshop Studios (pottery studio)
  • from shoot to final edit, this documentary was produced in one week
  • this is Dave & Quin Cheung’s (DQ Studios) first documentary film