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Professional Headshots

by Dave Cheung ~ DQ Studios

Why Headshots Matter

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but sadly we do this every day. Your headshot is your “cover” and, fair or not, this first impression can be the deciding factor whether your potential client, employer or partner sends you that first email, direct message or call.

Get ahead of the competition and connect with potential clients, customers and employers with the very best headshots from DQ Studios.

Why DQ Studios

In the past, headshots only had to record what you look like. But today, it’s important to connect on a deeper level, even at first glance.

Trust. Integrity. Strength. Passion. Powerful. Fun. Relaxed. Intense. The very best headshots shouldn’t just show what you look like, but reveal elements of your character. Whether you’re a lawyer, actor, business executive, real estate agent, or medical professional, everyone can benefit by conveying what matters most to your potential clients through something as often overlooked as a better headshot.  

At DQ Studios our gift is 2-fold: award-winning masterful lighting and deeply connecting with the person in front of our camera. Combining these two things gives us the ability to capture you at your very best. We merge this mastery of light and emotion with superior tools and technology to offer quick turnaround times to give you your very best portraits to give you an edge in our increasingly competitive marketplace.

It was wonderful to have you at the office for headshot day!  Your energy is so refreshing and I think MacKay should hire you to just hang out with us and invite you to all our events.
~ Jen C.

Get Social

Besides Linkedin and your website, social media craves personality from every post you make. During your headshot session we’ll capture a range of emotions and compositions perfect for your next post. Whether it’s inspirational, aspirational, educational or fun, up your social media presence with professional images by DQ Studios.

Professional Headshots

We believe your headshots should do more than show the world what you look like – it’s an opportunity to connect to potential clients, employers and contacts on an emotional level before even meeting them. With quick turnarounds, perfect lighting and a gift for getting the very best out of you, we invite you to enjoy our relaxed studio atmosphere as we work together to create captivating headshots that invite the viewer to connect.  Same day service available.

Headshot Pricing

Headshots are $1000 per person which includes 2 digital files of your choice with commercial use rights (no Photoshop). Retouching services start at $100 per image but as retouching needs vary greatly, please contact me for a custom retouching quote. Additional digital files can optionally be purchased for $250 each. Your chosen digital files are delivered as jpegs with 2400 pixels on the long edge and are perfect for social media and magazine prints up to 8”x12”. Higher Resolution files can optionally be purchase when large window or billboard prints are required. Please contact me prior to the shoot to discuss your specific needs.  

Need new headshots for the entire office?  No problem.  Please inquire about our on-location headshot studio service.  

They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression. So make your headshots the best they can be.  Email us to book your Headshot session today